Life In The Fiets Lane is my personal blog to share my musical, fashionable, and Amsterdam based adventures, discoveries, failures and frolics. For those of you who don’t speak Dutch (like me) you might be wondering “What on earth does Fiets mean?” Well Fiets is Dutch for “Bike” and that’s just about as far as my linguistic capabilities go for the native tongue of the country I currently call home.

I’m a 29 year old music and fashion nut! Having lived in Amsterdam for around 18 months now I’ve pretty much loved this city from day one. I never dreamt I’d live in Amsterdam and the mere suggestion a few years ago was something I wouldn’t contemplate. Funny how things can change isn’t it?! Now I couldn’t imagine not being here. Amsterdam has me now!

This blog in itself is a new adventure, so hop on and peddle along with me in The Fiets Lane.





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