Here you have it, the first installment of Tune-Thousand And Fourteen. The regular profile of exciting artists you’ll be hearing big things from this year. So without further ado;

Denai Moore

This Jamaican born, Stratford raised 19 year old apparently began experimenting with music at the teeny tiny age of 7. Some of her earliest tracks were so deep and heart-wrenching it was almost impossible to believe they had been composed by a girl who at the time was just 12 years old. Mini Moore took inspiration from things she heard and things she saw. Whether she fully understood the content of these early tracks I’m unsure but a self-confessed obsession with Lauryn Hill had clearly made an impact. When she later moved to the guitar and a folkier element appeared her sound began to take shape. I first heard a track called Flaws and instantly wanted to hear more of Moore because one things for sure, her voice is anything but flawed. The title track from her debut EP “The Lake” shows a beautifully delicate vocal performance, at times sounding close to tears.


Childish Gambino

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino is a man of many talents. Starting his career in comedy and appearing in numerous roles on the big and small screen he’s now focusing on the area we really care about here, MUSIC. His second studio album “Because The Internet” was released on December 10th and has since received rave reviews. The album title came while working with none other than Beck, who asked “Do rappers talk to each other?”. Mr Glover responded “I don’t like starting answer’s with this, but because the internet….”. Beck suggested that be the name of the album and it stuck! When everything we do leaves a digital in-print somewhere online it’s pretty accurate, because the internet is everything. Childish Gambino’s lyrical content is unlike your everyday rapper, there’s a welcome lack of bitches, money and bling which can surely be contributed to his work as a writer. This as well as killer beats and catchy hooks makes “Because The Internet” a must listen. He’ll be performing here in Amsterdam at Melkweg on February 12th.



RY X is an Australian singer songwriter who currently resides in LALA Land began his career back in 2010 under his real name (Ry Cuming) with a self titled album. I discovered RY X thanks to the brilliant Shazam app after hearing a snippet of Berlin on a TV advert for a Sony Bravia television of all things. Now with label mates such as Alt-J and Local Natives, he’s in good company and following the release of the “Berlin EP”  is sure to go onto be known for much more than “that song on that tv ad”. The striped back nature of Berlin makes it a beautifully captivating yet stunningly simple track. Vampires has since followed and is equally brilliant. RY X will be playing at Paradijskerk in Rotterdam on February 22nd.


Public Access T.V.

New York three piece Public Access T.V. are the talk of the town although little is known about the indie-punk sounding outfit. With minimal online presence consisting of just one track on Soundcloud, a sparse facebook page, little followed Twitter account and NOTHING on Youtube information is hard to come by. Having played their first publicized gig in New York as recently as January 30th they’ve had their first play on Radio One and interviewers are circling like sharks. In an age where everyone is after their 15 minutes and self publicity is easier than ever because the internet (see what I did there) does this make them brilliant or simply plain arrogant? I’m going with the former. Who knows how, when or where we’ll be hearing more from them but there is certainly no IF about it. Public Access T.V. are ones to keep your ear to the ground for.




Green For Go

bike light

For some time now I’ve been considering writing a blog and now it’s time to take the plunge…..so here goes! But what should you expect to see here in the Fiets Lane? I hear you ask.

Here I will be sharing my love for Music, my love for Fashion and life being an Englishman in Amsterdam. I love living in Amsterdam! The last 18 months have been filled with exploration, change, growth, tears, fears and joys. But I can happily say the highs (not like that) far outweigh the lows.

The music will be eclectic, the fashion fabulous and Amsterdam…..well…..I think this quote sums it up just perfectly;

“Some tourists think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but in truth it is a city of freedom. And in freedom, most people find sin”– John Green

So keep your eyes peeled, your headphones at the ready and your minds open!