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From his quiffed locks to his Chelsea boots, Nick Grimshaw (or Grimmy as he’s affectionately known) is absolutely my style icon and has been for some years now. As anyone who follows fashion will know, you take inspiration from all sorts of places but there is always that one person you look to who can’t seem to put a foot wrong in the wardrobe department. I’ve lost count the amount of times I’ve felt utter envy over his attire. His circulation restricting denim is right up my street! Whether its a biker jacket, plaid shirt and t-shirt combo or stunningly skinny suits Grimshaw is my go-to-guy. And it seems this is true for the British fashion world as he was recently named ambassador for London Collections: Men.

Mr Grimshaw’s look is a perfect combination of luxury, vintage and high street naming Topman, Dunhill, Mr Start and Liberty  among his faves. But he wasn’t always at the height of fashion and admits to an awful purchase in his youth; a knee-length SILVER puffer jacket from the clothing line of that well known Notorious BIG sidekick, P Diddy. Clearly in this case to be referred to by his former name, Puff Daddy! We’ve all made fashion faux pas growing up, with mine being a slightly too keen interest in the styling’s of British bad-boy band East 17. I shall describe no further!

For those of you who don’t know, Nick Grimshaw earns his pennies as radio presenter on his prime-time breakfast show slot on BBC Radio One. As well as this, thankfully his threads do see the light of day and is often seen on screen presenting an array of awards and shows including his own panel show. Counting Henry Holland, Kate Moss, Alexa Chung and Daisy Lowe among his bezzies its no wonder Grimmy is always fashionably adorned. Rumor has it he is/was dating Italian stylist Nicco Torelli after he accompanied Nick the GQ Awards.

Yes, that’s right my style icon is gay and despite the regular assumption that I am, in fact Nick and I have a different sexual preference. Your sexual orientation certainly doesn’t define who you are and neither should it define your style. So be who you are, wear what you like and find your style icons in anyone you so wish.

For being my style icon, not taking yourself too seriously and waking me up every weekday morning……Nick Grimshaw I salute you!